February 28, 2008

Addicted To: Beach House's Devotion

On stage last June, dreamy singer, Victoria Legrand said something that usually causes folks to cringe. She smiled and whispered “We’re gonna play some new stuff.”

The pace got faster, revealing a subtle build on their delicate style. A few extra beats on the drum machine here, a couple heavier chords on Alex's guitar there. The duo played 4 unheard tracks in row with an eager confidence. Naturally, they returned to the crowd favorites from 2006's stellar self-titled debut to close the show. But looking back, I think I most enjoyed that bold gap of energy right in the heart of the set. Cue montage of me looking forward to this album for 6 months...

Devotion is the most complete record I’ve heard so far this year (another early frontrunner?). The key ingredients of Beach House have remained the same; hazy vocals over an organ sprinkled around their simple percussion. They just seem more refined or shall I say, tastier. Most of February's free time has been spent spacing out to these tracks (it helps that we live in a house by the beach).

"You Came To Me"