November 4, 2009

Mixtape | Shred Wednesday

S&S proudly presents the Shred Wednesday Mixtape. Since June, Guest-author Ian and I have been diving into the musical selections of our favorite skateboarding videos. We thoroughly enjoyed exploring this taste-shaping combination of art forms. Hopefully you've had fun with it too. Odds are, you haven't flooded your iTunes with all 20+ hours of albums that these posts have covered. So here's the best of the best.

Download | Mixtape | Shred Wednesday

After each hump day, Ian added another gem to his Shred playlist, and probably somewhere around Curtis Mayfield, realized this might become a rad mix. I think we're both a bit surprised at how many plays it's been getting. Who knew M83 could segue Bowie to the Stones? Who even knew of The Chocolate Watchband?

Be patient, it's a big mediafire zip.

Tracklist, linked up with respective articles:

01. Herbie Hancock - "Watermelon Man" [Guy Mariano's part in Mouse]
02. Animal Collective - "In the Flowers" [Jason Dill's part in Mindfield]
03. Dinosaur Jr. - "Crumble" [Mikey Taylor's part in Mindfield]
04. Old Canes - 'Face It' [from Dennis Busenitz part in Roll Forever]
05. Modest Mouse - "Paper Thin Walls" [Stefan Janowski's part in Subleties]
06. Iggy Pop - "Some Weird Sin" [James Brockman's part in New Blood]
07. Curtis Mayfield - "Move On Up" [Lewis Marnell's part in Cheese and Crackers]
08. John Lennon - "Watching the Wheels" [Nick Trapasso's part in And Now]
09. Elliott Smith - "Son Of Sam" [John White's part in Fun]
10. The Cure - "Close To Me (Closer Mix)" [Kevin Long's part in This Is Skateboarding]
11. Jimi Hendrix - "One Rainy Wish" [Tony Cervantes' part in Ride The Sky]
12. Arcade Fire - "No Cars Go" [Mike Mo Capaldi's part in Fully Flared]
13. David Bowie - "Width of a Circle" [Bryan Herman's part in Baker 3]
14. M83 - "Lower Your Eyelids To Die With the Sun" [Intro to Fully Flared]
15. The Rolling Stones - "Monkey Man" [Kerry Getz part in Inhabitants]
16. The Chocolate Watchband - "Baby Blue" [Stefan/Ed in Inhabitants Africa]
17. Groundhogs - "Cherry Red" [Dylan Rieder's part in A Time To Shine]
18. Modeselektor (feat. Thom Yorke) - "The White Flash" [Tyler Bledsoe's part in Mindfield]
19. Roxy Music - "The BOB (Medley)" - [Andrew Reynold's part in Baker 3]
20. Gray Matter - "I am the Walrus" - [Geoff Rowley's part in Sorry]
Thank you all for encouraging us to keep this little project going. We'll catch you on the flipside.


Anonymous said...

No "Welcome to Hell?" Cool list


Sutton said...

Sherman! Thanks dude.

We featured Thomas' part from Welcome to Hell here:

Iron Maiden should probably be on there huh. We'll make good on the next one. Maybe Templeton's Sonic Youth part.