August 12, 2010

Memoryhouse, Twin Sister, Oberhofer @ Mercury Lounge [08/11/10]

A stacked lineup had the Mercury Lounge filling up early last night. Young buzz-darling Oberhofer lived up to expectations, howling through guitar pop with fevered charisma. Twin Sister was tighter than ever, making two lovely EPs glow over what seemed like one continuous smooth jam. And they do jam.

With a more subdued style and overall presence, Memoryhouse aimed to slow down and spellbind. Dreamwaves were cast from the first lines of “Lately (Deuxième)”, as soft visuals projected past faces onto walls. Some newer tracks were sprinkled between gems from The Years and standout "Bonfire". The set wasn't without a few sounds off balance and transitions unpolished, but not much was lost (should improve as the tour goes on). Like recent Boston show, they closed with an airy cover of My Bloody Valentine’s “When You Sleep”.

Victoria has the rest:


Twin Sister


Twin Sister and Memoryhouse play Monster Island Basement tonight.


Jerr-dan said...

I'm glad you got a shot of the guiarist from Memoryhouse with his shadow. I was taking mental pictures (and shitty phone pictures).

Jacob said...

Dave these pictures are amazing

Sutton said...

Jordan - was thinking the same thing, couldn't stop staring at that for some reason.

Jacob - thanks man, Vic is a talented gal.

Anonymous said...

Where's Beauty Feast?

Sutton said...

I didn't get there in time. heard they were fun though.