June 7, 2010

Nate's Summer Mix 2010

Our occasional contributor, Nate LC, first mediafired up my world last summer. The heat had been forwarded over on a 'you'd dig this mix' tip. After reading Nate's positive message and hearing his labored sequence, I thought this package deserved an audience beyond those fortunate Cc'ed. Nine mixes later, we're back where it all began. His words:
"Every summer needs a soundtrack. More transportive than pictures and more visceral than diary entries, songs bring you back to those hot days at the beach long after your tan has faded. However, these songs can’t do it on their own. Right now this is just arbitrary collection of good-feelin'-summer jams, no memories included. In order for this to become The Soundtrack to Your Unforgettable Summer you need to go out and start having a summer worth remembering. Though this mix isn’t guaranteed to inspire fun, it’s at least guaranteed to enhance it. So take this mix to the beach house, the lake house, the campsite, the car ride, anywhere you go this mix should be your carry on. Then months from now you’ll hear one of these songs and think that reminds of that time, last summer, when we…"
View the hit-fest here.

And make sure to grab yvynyl's latest and NMB's loaded effort as well. You'll have it covered.


ShellBell said...

i <3 nate

Dawnzo said...

Another great one! Thank you!