April 9, 2010

Coachella 2010 Mixtape | "Desert Spirit Lover"

Here's a 'compilation' dedicated to those wild souls preparing for a dance with the desert next week (especially the few that asked for it). Twenty-ten's lineup is varied per usual; looks pretty good on paper (sounds pretty good on headphones), and honestly, I've learned not to really sweat the specifics. Once the spirits get involved, it all seems to flow.

[SIDE A] updated 4/13

This side skews a little more towards the big names. Being a festival that celebrates mighty headliners and success stories from previous buzz cycles, Coachella doesn't quite lend itself to a sampler the same way say SXSW does. Still, in the interest of keeping it interesting, worthy substitutions were made for tracks that have probably graced enough mixes by now (looking at you, "1901", "ONE", "Two Weeks", etc).
View tracklist here.


Like its kind has done
before, SIDE B gathers choice gems of any size. View tracklist here.

In roughly 6.5 earth rotations, an Indio dusk will hit, and with it, collective inhibitions shall set behind the mountains for good. The phrase "get weird" is derived from this very happening.

See you there,


Emily said...

Have fun, my friend. I'm sad I can't join you this year but tell the desert I say hello!

SatHookup said...

I'm a little late as Coachella '10 has come and gone, but I'm finally getting to listen to the Desert Spirit Lover mixtape.

I must say, I'm impressed. Still on side A, but old school De La Soul to Epic from Faith No More - Classic stuff.

New to me, "Day Dream" great jam. Who's it by?

Sutton said...

thanks tang! 40 day dream is by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. lovely band.