February 25, 2010


A few stress storms have rendered S&S absent this week and I want to thank you (in the form of a mix) for understanding. There is light breaking through these clouds. In fact, I feel an optical and meteorological phenomenon coming on.

In addition to a prismed state of consciousness, RANDOM RAINBOW aims to bring you a sampling (spectrum?) of all that is rad and fresh right now - aside from two choice classics that occupy each end, because that somehow made sense in my head.

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A special thanks to Spirit Spine (go stream his new Jungle Bridges LP), GOBBLE GOBBLE, and Chrissy and Julia (Chrissy of Coyote Clean Up + Julia LaDense collaborate wildly on Getting Dirty).

Real Love,


ShellBell said...

I had a snarky remark planned for you about lack of posts. And then you beat me to it with a mix. And go figure- for the first time in 7 days- the sun came out! It's a good friday :-)

Hooray ! said...

If this were Facebook it would be "like"-ed

Hooray ! said...

I just realized the above comment from ShellBell...

I thought it was just here in Normal, Illinois the sun didn't come out.

Sutton said...

ha i need one of those "hooray!" buttons from your page. Normal, Illinois. that name just blew my mind.