December 22, 2009

Top 9 Live Shows of 2009

Like last time, here's a ranking of my favorite memories from California's concert season for the sake of listmaking, and to link up some old posts. Criteria: I had to be there (thus excluding Victoria's wonderfully photographed NYC shows - but there are talks of a 'year in photos' post), and a limit to one appearance per band. 

09 Destroyer @ Echoplex 
"like a wizard doing a monologue."

 "You could say they fit the bill."

"Nic Offer and I shared a Springsteen/Courtney Cox moment. Then again, he may have humped the entire front row. In my next life, when I front a band, I will dance like Nic Offer."

"Gillis' nonstop toilet-paper-gun assault started with Nirvana, peaked at Kelly Clarkson, and ended with fireworks."

05 Antony & The Johnsons @ Coachella Sunday
"At least there are times when our lives seem cinematic; when a moment is so beautiful we watch from outside ourselves." more

04 The Dodos @ El Rey Theatre

"The Dodos have this rare ability to rework all your previous notions of live music as you know it. Read: go see them immediately." more

03 Paul McCartney @ Coachella Friday

"The idea of seeing this in my lifetime had never really occurred to me, a possibility. Surreal. An older gentleman actually feinted into my arms at one point – I wouldn’t make that up." more 

02 Animal Collective @ Hollywood's Music Box

"Animal Collective have entered such a stride in their live set. It’s perfectly sequenced and seemingly scientific in respect to human response and crescendo." more

01 Thom Yorke with Flea and Co @ Orpheum Theatre 

"Thom Yorke, arguably the most vital and prolific artist of our generation (try me), can do that. He can rally four master musicians for a "jam" at the Orpheum Theatre. He can (generously) invite relative unknown art-house locals (and appropriately named), Lucky Dragons, to open. He can turn his own solo album from skeletal, electronic ice, to full-blooded, freewheeling fire. He can unite music nerds with Hollywood's elite** under one long, standing ovation, before the show even starts. 

To think, all this time, The Eraser was a sprawling dance-punk album in disguise" more

And the best part of all was the people I got to share these experiences with. So, thanks and here's to many more in 2010.


ShellBell said...

I know you weren't there- but Paul McCartney at Fenway beat the coachella show for me.
I enjoy your lists :-)

Sutton said...

lucky!! And thanks :)