December 30, 2009

NYE Mixtape: The Power Hour of The Decade

Nate just hit me with a rather fun idea and well here it is in his own words:

Download | The Power Hour of The Decade

In honor of the past decade I put together a “Power Hour” mix. It’s filled with your favorite songs from the past ten years. All the infectious pop, breakthrough indie acts, and Beyonce you can handle. In lieu of putting together a heavy-handed decade mix, I think this party game does the wild decade better justice. If you don’t know the rules to a power hour, they are as follows: A song plays for a minute, you drink a shot of beer (or mixed drink), the next song plays, you have another shot and so on for an hour. Now, I’m not advising excessive binge drinking here, I don’t want this mix to kill anyone. So if you want to participate, be aware of your tolerance. Instead of a shot, maybe just take a sip. I guarantee you will be buzzed by the end of the hour, whether it is from all the alcohol or all the spinning memories in your head from a decade’s worth of songs that we all grew up to. Cheers. - Nate

Happy New Year. Have fun. Be safe. Get weird. Sorry about that one Jet song.