December 14, 2009

A Christmas Mixtape | "Just Come On Home"

I thought I heard footsteps on my Internet last night, then fell back asleep. Lo and behold, sitting in the gmail this morning was another seasonal mixtape from old saint Nate. He even left a note:
There certainly isn’t a lack of holiday tunes out there. It’s impossible for a band to resist the glowing temptation of recording a classic Christmas cover or seasonal inspired original. You can’t argue the rational; putting out a Christmas song all but guarantees repeat play for a whole month for years to come. Putting the capitalist agenda aside, it's nice to think that these band put these songs out as gifts to their loyal fans. And what better gift is there than music? It keeps on giving and giving with each push of the play button. Music has become as synonymous with this holiday as trees and lights. So to decorate your Itunes this year, I’ve put together a collection of some of best Christmas songs of past five years or so. Some of these songs have become modern traditions of my own and others are like new fresh snow ready to be trampled on and played with. The album’s title “Just Come on Home” is lifted from Slow Club’s acoustic grower “Christmas TV” and the theme of home is all over these songs. Being home for the holidays is far beyond a cliché, by now, it’s practically a birthright. So whether you’re home, or wishing you were, may you find the warmth, cheer in tradition alive and well in these songs. And don't be afraid to regift this mix, unlike that J. Crew sweater, these songs should fit on anyone. Merry Christmas!
Download | A Christmas Mixtape | Just Come On Home

Those who claim to dislike Christmas music are likely referring to the generic renditions that get set to 'overkill' by every public establishment during the holidays (and even then, there's a small place in our hearts for those). This mix primarily collects relative unknowns in the satellite radio circuit; refreshing enough to sway the biggest Scrooge, sentimental enough to still feel festive. And the few traditional exceptions are welcome to stay (see: Dylan's cover of "I'll Be Home For Christmas").

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