November 10, 2009

Mixtape | Teen Age Dance Party

Our resident mixtape man is back and he wants you to dance. Nate's liner notes below:
The Nate’s Party Mix Series is an ongoing collection of new hot tunes to blast at your next bash. Since everyday is not a holiday, to appease our social gathering appetite sometimes you just gotta step up and throw a party. If you need an excuse, don’t worry, there’s plenty: you got a new job, you got fired form your job, you got a cool hair cut, you had no cavities at the dentist, you found five bucks in your old winter jacket… The reasons are erroneous, the outcome is what matters, and the outcome should always be dancing. Like a great party, a great dance track should inspire you to do things out of the norm, go outside your comfort zone… The song is a hand and you’re a puppet moving your arms and feet at will with its all-controlling fingers. Focusing on the always en vogue trend of old being the new, new, Teen Age Dance Party has a soft spot for an array of recent retro inspired tunes. Don’t be afraid if they make your hips sway in a unfamiliar way, that’s just the old soul in you pulling your marinate strings. Have a fun I Just Got A Cool Hair Cut Party.
Download | Mixtape | Teen Age Dance Party

He mentioned comfort zones. When it comes to dancing, I personally don't have one. But it seems I do when it comes to music. Honestly (and slightly embarrassingly), I rarely listen to hip hop, and especially anything current (outside of your occasional DJ set). Teen Age Dance Party isn't shy when it comes to rhymes (not to mention a shameless guilty pleasure of an opening track), so I thank Nate for pushing it. Because we should push it, real good. Right?

You'll also find a few S&S regulars (see: tags) and some damn good hybrids to bridge the gap. "Ambling Alp" is now officially entered into the running for 'song of the year'. And that new Casablancas jam sounds better coming off the heels of "Havin My Baby" than it does on its own album.

This debuted at our own little bash last Saturday night, and let's just say: things got weird. View the tracklist here.


Sean Glass said...

I'll let this one slide because you have great hair, but Miley Cyrus with Biggie? I don't know about that. Also, Where the Wild Things Are sucked.

Anonymous said...

where the wild things are didn't suck. you suck. fucking critics.

Sean Glass said...

I'm so tempted to flame war your ass right now...out yourself anonymous!