November 24, 2009

Mixtape | A Happy Thanksgiving

We all get a little crazy this time of year. Planning, getting our workloads to a 'leavable' status, traveling, cooking, etc. It looks like S&S goes mixtape crazy. This one comes from Nate (the man behind other seasonal soundtracks like Scary Halloween and Pumpkin Moonshine), and makes me want to relax with wonderful people (and also wear sweatpants and max out on cranberry sauce). His liner notes:
Like preparing a classic Thanksgiving meal, I didn’t take many risks with this particular holiday mix. Most of the songs here are as standard and well proven as turkey and biscuits. Since there’s a huge lack of Thanksgiving jingles out there, (Alice’s Restaurant excluded) I didn’t have much to choose from. I went with some well-worn favorites that inspire warmth and peace in my heart and hopefully they will also in yours' and your dinner guests’. The artists on the mix are like the friends and family I would invite to Thanksgiving. I know them all very well and expect each one to bring a pie and a six-pack. All I ask is, before listening, please say grace: Bless us, O iTunes, and these Thy songs, which we are about to receive from Thy mix, through Nate, our guy who makes mixes. Amen.
Download | Nate's Mixtape | A Happy Thanksgiving

Nothing says get your feel good feast on like some twangy/folky gems (a few dating back to the 60s). Tell me MMJ's "Golden" isn't the warmest, beardiest hug ever?

View the tracklist here.

And have a great holiday.