October 20, 2009

Mixtape | Scary, Scary Halloween

As promised, more mixes from our new contributor, Nate. He's too good to us:
Scary, Scary Halloween is a collection of new songs mixed together to put you in the holiday spirit. Themes of death, darkness and in spite of those, celebration, fuse together to capture that mischievous evening in late October. Sure, our only lingering fear surrounding this supposedly frightening night is not knowing what to wear to all Halloween’s parties, but deep inside us all there is still that yearning to be scared of death in order to feel alive. This mix will appease all those fears of not being scared this year. Can you wear this mix to a costume party? No, but you can listen to it on the way there. Or maybe it is better suited for after the party… when you and your costumed friends are fuzzy from bobbing for beers and suddenly the road is completely dark, no one is in sight and the only sound is creepy howling reverb... Is it a ghoul’s cry or just an electric guitar’s feedback? On Halloween night, it doesn’t matter what the source of the sound is as long as the result is a chill. So turn the speakers up and the lights down and have a scary, scary Halloween.
Download | Mixtape | Scary, Scary Halloween

'Attention to detail' is an understatement. You might miss it because it works, but note the transitions - that stuff takes some time. And these aren't the type of flagrantly spooky tracks that hit your Trash on November 1st. They're good, moody songs (from some of our favorites, see: tags) that simply fit the occasion. Thanks Nate.

View the tracklist here. Enjoy.

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