October 8, 2009

Fall Mixtape | Pumpkin Moonshine

We should do more mixes. And we will do more mixes. I had one brewing for summer and never got around to finalizing it. Really what happened was our friend Nate built a beach mix so rad, I just gave up and listened to his. He's now back with another season, and on board with us. So, everyone welcome Nate, and his fall mix and his charming preface:
A summer mix is easy: take some fun pop hits and a couple sunny ditties and you’re bound for success. A fall mix is a bit more difficult. Fall is summer’s hang over; everything is dying, and it’s getting colder. It should be depressing, but for some reason, it’s not. In fact, to me, it’s the most exciting of seasons. In putting this collection of music together my goal was to place what that intangible feeling the autumn gives us. I think there’s a romance attached to this time of year that is undervalued compared to fall’s seasonal counter part, spring. The birds and the bees have all gone south and in their vacancy comes a more personal awakening. Some of the best, most visceral memories of our lives come from the next few months: First days of school, game sevens, last minute shopping for Halloween costumes, and going home for Thanksgiving are just a few of the Rockwellesque images your brain can easily conjure up. Those traditional rites of passage have created almost a Pavlov like salivation in the corner of our mouth upon seeing the first turned red oak leaf. So how can I come any close to construing those sacred memories with a mix of brand new* music? Well, I can’t…. There is no way a bunch of songs you never heard before can match the authenticity of hayride in a pumpkin patch or the awakening of your tastes buds upon drinking your first Octoberfest of the year. The best I can hope for is that I did manage to place that intangible feeling that fall gives us: nostalgia for tomorrow.

Download | Nate's Fall Mix 2009 | Pumpkin Moonshine

I've been getting lost in the leaves on this one (makes sense that Nate's originally from New England). May Moonshine's many reds and golds do the same for you.

It's a rather pleasant folk-flavored lineup, with some S&S regulars sprinkled throughout (including one of the best songs of 09', and dreamboat Ryan Gosling's strangely good band).

View the tracklist here. And sort your iTunes by album.

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