May 22, 2009

Friday Send-Off | So Cosmic Mixtape

So how is everyone spending their holiday weekend? Sleeping? Partying? Traveling? Working? (sorry), Studying? (sorry), Jitterbugging? Gasoline Fighting? I'm getting all jazz hands about the three days off here. Is this part of being a working professional in adult society? People have plans. Emails have exclamation points. Tuesday might as well be 2010.

I need a meaningful road trip. Or at least a mixtape by Cut Copy.

I know (to all you informed), this made a splash in the blog pond over a year ago (and there's no reason why it can't serve you well right now). Since then it has complimented most of the activities listed above (aside from sleeping and the flammable one). Seriously, So Cosmic is on the mind because I did P90-X to it last night (is this part of being a working professional in adult society?). What? It runs a perfect hour, practically tailored for exercise DVDs.

Download | Cut Copy | So Cosmic Mixtape

Most mixes have short lives. Their surprises wear off after a few listens and the collection usually fades from 'sequenced experience' to 'host of a few keepers.' That is unless the sequence is so masterfully thought out and constructed to the point that it takes new form, as one entity, of, in this case, bliss. From Italian disco, to Panda Bear, to decades old soul, So Cosmic has the ability to morph but not once lose the dance-crazed fingerprint of Cut Copy.

It's clear Dan Whitford knows what he's doing. If you haven't clicked download yet, may this excerpt help. Full tracklist with blurbs from Dan here.

Have fun. Be safe. Get weird.